Mental Health Learning Institute Intensives

All Day Pre-Conference Intensive (9:00 – 5:00 pM) Tuesday, September 12th

090: The Impact of Attachment, Emotional Intelligence, and Medication in the Mental Health Treatment of Youth: A Medical Update for Mental Health Professionals 

John Kuhnley, M.D. and Anita Kuhnley, Ph.D. 

091: Attachment-based Intervention Specialist Training  

Sharon May, Ph.D. and Gary Sibcy, Ph.D.    

092: Hijacked and Bruised: Issues and Techniques when Working with Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence 

Molly-Catherine Goodson, J.D., M.A., Amy Feigel, M.A., and John Thomas, Ph.D., Ph.D. 

093: Restoring Hope: An Integrative Approach to Marital Therapy 

Bob Paul, M.A. and Robert K. Burbee, Ph.D.

094: Gospel-centered Enneagram Informed Counseling Practicum 

Beth McCord, B.S., Jeff McCord, M.Div., and Mercy Connors, Ph.D.

095: Building a Robust 21stCentury Christian Counseling Business: Finding Effective Strategies for Group and Solo Practice

Mark Mayfield, Ph.D., Jonathan Durst, M.A., Josh Hartle, B.S., and Alex Smith, B.S.   

096: WITHIN REACH: Practically Integrating Faith and Science to Achieve Your Full Potential

Karl Benzio, M.D. and Zach Clinton, M.A.   

097: Christ-centered Trauma Healing: Ethically and Culturally Responsive Theory, Tools, and Applications 

Eric Johnson, Ph.D., Nicolene Joubert, Ph.D., and Barbara Lowe, Ph.D.