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508 | Bleeding While Leading: Helping Complex Ministry Marriages Survive and Thrive

Couples in Crisis, Relationship Conflict, and Marital Recovery, Friday 9/15 4:15 – 5:30 PM, Workshop Tracks


Michael MacKenzie, D.Min.



Approved For CE

Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Lay Counselors, Coaches

Approved For CME/CEU




Ministry can be hazardous, especially for marriages. There is a unique subset of issues that put ministry marriages at risk. Licensed mental health professionals and ministry leaders need to be equipped to recognize and address these risk factors. In order to best do this, participants in this workshop will learn what is unique to this population and how the ministry context impacts their client’s relationships. This workshop will focus on the pastor’s and spouse’s unique experiences, such as being able to assess for risk factors that may affect the marriage and the high possibility of their relationship being impacted by ministry. Participants will gain knowledge of experiential techniques that apply to this population.

Learning Objectives

1. Assess those in professional ministry for risk factors that may negatively impact the marital relationship and develop an accurate plan of care
2. Evaluate the experience and context of pastors and how this influences susceptibility to marital problems
3. Analyze experiential techniques applicable to struggling ministry marriages that can be incorporated into an overall model of intervention for those in Christian ministry
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