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219 | Faith-based Positive Psychology: Best Practices to Flourish and Be Resilient in Stressful Times

Positive Psychology, Health, and Wellness: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Flourishing, Thursday 9/14 2:15 – 3:30 PM, Workshop Tracks


Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.; Caitlin Weber, M.S.



Approved For CE

Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Lay Counselors, Coaches

Approved For CME/CEU




In this workshop, psychologists, licensed mental health professionals, and ministry leaders will be able to consider a new vision of emerging advances in mental health, Faith-based Positive Psychology, neurobiology, and verified biblical practices for Human Flourishing and resilience. Discover biblical, psychological, and lifestyle prescriptions that provide effective interventions, strategies, remedies, and antidotes to many current mental and emotional health risk factors. Especially during these stressful times of continual uncertainty, change, loss, and relentless new challenges, participants will explore how these cutting-edge, scientifically-validated interventions and complementary therapies can be practically integrated and applied in clients’ lives. Discover inspiration, vitality, and how to increase your impact for preventing languishing and promoting resilience and well-being in all areas of life.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify current critical risk factors, unhealthy lifestyle patterns, and symptoms of languishing due to digital and social media addiction, social disruption, apathy, anxiety, change, loss, and stress
2. Explain the scientific and biblical criteria for Christian clients to thrive as a whole person in all areas of life that will increase well-being, optimize health, and reduce symptoms
3. Outline how to integrate the proven biblical practices and lifestyle treatment strategies of human flourishing, neurobiology, and Christian spiritual formation to fully engage clients
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